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PRM, P.C.’s representation of financial professionals does not stop with handling matters relating to expungement of customer complaints from their Central Registration Depository (“CRD”) records. PRM, P.C.’s representation and experience extends to virtually any dispute arising out of a financial adviser’s employment.  Indeed, PRM, P.C.’s areas of representation include:

  • Representation of financial professionals named as parties to litigation;
  • Representation of financial professionals under investigation by state, federal or self-regulatory organizations;
  • Representation of financial professionals in disputes involving promissory notes;
  • Representation of financial professionals involved in disputes with a former employer;
  • Representation and consulting in connection with CFP Board inquiries;
  • Representation and consulting in connection with CFA Institute inquiries;
  • Representation and consulting in connection with Insurance Board inquiries.

PRM, P.C. puts financial advisers first.  The firm strives to ensure that these individuals are not taken advantage of.  With this mindset, PRM, P.C. has experienced great results for its clients who find themselves in employment quandaries.