Gatekeeping for High Net Worth Individuals

High profile clientele carries targets on their backs as a function of their stature in the community. As a result, service providers and opportunists often seek the audience of high-profile individuals and households with varying motivations. We act as a gatekeeper for our clients in interfacing with such individuals to properly assess sincerity of their motivations.

We have a host of tools to at our disposal to make such assessments, including (most importantly) extensive tools to search open-source public records concerning individuals, businesses, and other organizations. These tools enable us to gather important information on the backgrounds and potential motivations of others that is otherwise not easily accessible. Such information is vital to properly assess a potential business opportunity or other proposal.

Additionally, with extensive experience litigating cases involving financial misconduct, we are uniquely positioned to spot red flags with individuals and/or their prospective business proposals.

With the means to help make objective assessments, we assist our clients in sifting through the noise to ensure our clients’ time is not wasted.