Litigation for High Net Worth Individuals

Mindful of the costs—both financial and emotional—attributable to lawsuits, we endeavor to take proactive measures to prevent disputes that may give rise to litigation before they occur. Our firm has had success thwarting disputes and litigation, which is almost always a superior result to formal litigation. But the basis for our success in thwarting conflict is (ironically) the firm’s formidable ability to prosecute and defend civil lawsuits predominantly arising out of financial misconduct.

PRM P.C. has prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases representing businesses, individuals, professional athletes, and other high-profile entities in cases arising out of a wide range of financial misconduct. Indeed, such litigation makes up a substantial portion of our practice.

With extensive litigation experience, we are poised to aggressively litigate a wide range of cases on behalf of his clients whenever necessary, and we make that capability known to those with interests that diverge from our clients’. Our litigation experience, standing alone, provides a deterrent effect to potential wrongdoers.