Due Diligence and Oversight Services for High Net Worth Individuals

High net worth and high-profile households face a host of challenges associated with finding, vetting, and performing initial, and ongoing due diligence on those service providers responsible for the most sensitive aspects of their lives.  This includes finding honest, compliant, and competent advisors capable of providing necessary services including, among other things, financial management and tax services; trust and probate counsel; and all other service providers to whom sensitive responsibilities may be delegated.

With extensive experience litigating cases arising out of financial misconduct, our firm has developed a reputation that the financial services community takes seriously. Through this experience, our firm can assist clients in identifying professional service providers with established track records of competence and a history of trustworthiness.

PRM P.C. has extensive tools to: (1) assist clients in performing the due diligence necessary to vet, background check, and perform due diligence on these service providers; and (2) provide ongoing oversight on those service providers to act as a check against potential transgressions.

Mindful of the duty of loyalty owed all clients, we strive to remain independent to ensure sound, objective, and commonsense legal advice.