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Column: “Surprise! How Did Long-Forgotten, Minor Complaints Abruptly Appear on BrokerCheck?” – As seen on

On January 17, 2014, ran Patrick Mahoney’s editorial, Surprise! How Did Forgotten, Minor Complaints Abruptly Appear on BrokerCheck, as part of his periodic column, The Legal Rep.  A link to the article is available HERE.   In 2010, FINRA amended Rule 8312 to require information concerning minor historic customer complaints be added to BrokerCheck records. Customer complaints that […]

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Attorney Patrick Mahoney Quoted in Investment News Concerning Broker Disciplinary Records

In response to the SEC’s approval of FINRA’s request to share more information about brokers’ disciplinary records, Patrick Mahoney was featured in the Investment News article entitled: FINRA gets OK to share more info about reps’ disciplinary records. In short, the article highlights the fact that FINRA will now be making available even more detailed information […]

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