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No End in Sight for American Oil Investors

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s oil price war rages on.  Both countries continue to produce oil, increasing the world’s supply–so much so that that world is having trouble storing it.  And the longer this war rages, American oil producers’ situation worsens on the heels of United States’ recent coronation as the world’s top oil producer.  The […]

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Private Investments Tied to Commercial Real Estate Likely to Plummet

Private investments tied to commercial real estate and commercial mortgages will plummet (if they haven’t already).  Investors exposed to these products should take notice. What is a Private Investment? Private investments are typically illiquid; meaning they do not have a public marketplace (like the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ) through which an investor can […]

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Corporate Bond Investors Face Losses

With historically low interest rates before the Corona Crises, corporate debt has skyrocketed.  According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Nonfinancial Corporate Business Debt has eclipsed $6.5 TRILLION.  Low interest rates have given rise to “zombie corporations.”  A “zombie corporation” only generates enough revenue to service its own debt, and as a result, […]

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Energy Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) Drop

Master Limited Partnerships are pass-through entities structured as publicly traded partnerships (PTPs). MLPs pay no corporate-level taxes and taxes are instead paid at the individual unitholder level. In addition to avoiding double taxation, a portion of the cash distribution paid by an MLP is typically tax deferred at 50-100%. MLPs usually have a limited partner […]

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Over-Concentration in Oil and Gas Securities

The Law Offices of Patrick R. Mahoney, P.C. is investigating accounts that are over-concentrated in the oil and gas sector.  In the first ten days of March, oil prices fell more than 30 percent.  On March 9, 2020, oil’s drop represented the largest single-day move since 1991 during the first Gulf War. Investors who have […]

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H2O Asset Management Funds Plummet

As Bloomberg recently reported, H2O Asset Management has emerged as one of the first victims of the markets’ recent volatility after three of its funds, some of the most lucrative throughout 2019, have fallen significantly. These three funds manage roughly $2.6 billion combined.  According to Bloomberg, H2O’s Vivace strategy (a global macro fund) fell about […]

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