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In the financial industry, reputation is everything.  Entrusted to manage large sums of money that often represent years of their clients’ hard work and savings, a financial advisor’s reputation dictates his or ability to gain the business of new clients and keep the business of existing clients.

But in 2009, in response to the worst financial crises since the Great Depression, FINRA revamped the rules with respect to how customer complaints are reported on a financial advisor’s Central Registration Depository (“CRD“) record, components of which are publicly available through FINRA BrokerCheck.  The rules endeavored to achieve investor protection through total transparency.  Although created with good intentions, the practical effect of the rules created a system that all too often unreasonably tarnishes the reputations of undeserving financial professionals.

Acknowledging this disconnect, PRM, P.C. works to restore the reputations of those financial advisors whose CRD records are unfairly tarnished as a result of claims involving product related disputes relating to a wide range of financial products, as well as general customer complaints ranging from unauthorized trading to selling away, and everything in between.

Having worked at a “big law firm” where he was one of the attorneys chiefly responsible for financial advisor expungement on behalf of some of the nation’s largest broker-dealers, Patrick has expunged the CRD records of numerous financial advisors covering a wide variety of allegations.  Indeed, this experience has given Patrick unique insight as to not only the procedural components of financial advisor expungement, but also the brokerage firm’s thought process when reporting customer complaints.

As a result of this insight and experience, Patrick has created a cost-effective, streamlined approach to expungement.